Quad/Graphics Boiler Room / Solvent Recovery Operator in Lomira, Wisconsin

Quad/Graphics boasts the industry’s most modern facilities, kept in top condition by our Production Support team members who take pride in maintaining an environment of safety and excellence, and a platform built for productivity.

Job Overview: The Boiler Room / Solvent Recovery Operator is responsible for inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the boiler and solvent recovery systems to keep them in safe operating condition at all times. This includes boilers and their support equipment, solvent recovery from press to the adsorbers, water treatment equipment (boilers and cooling towers), chillers, pumps, air compressors, low pressure air blowers, vacuum pumps, and the fire suppression system

Job Description: Perform skilled mechanical maintenance work for a variety of systems with the primary responsibility being for boiler and solvent recovery systems. To contribute to the overall success of the department the operator will need to perform the following duties as well as others that are deemed necessary to maintain the operation. The position requires the operator to be able to perform the job responsibilities safety, efficiently, in accordance with DNR and EPA guidelines and regulations, and with minimal supervision.

• Boiler operation: Operate, adjust, shutdown and start-up equipment without supervision • Perform water testing and chemical treatment for boilers and cooling towers • Repair pumps & piping, repack valves and replace seals • Keep equipment logs up to date • Operate, maintain and control plant HPA, LPA and vacuum equipment • Operate, maintain and control solvent recovery systems • Generate reports for the EPA • Operate and control the chilled water for plant chiller operation • Monitor the fire protection system for the facility • Perform daily inspections and maintenance of equipment

Qualifications: Education • High school diploma or GED • Completion of a maintenance program through a technical school is desirable • State license or certification desirable, but not currently required for systems in operation

Experience • Minimum of 4 years of training to be a Boiler / Solvent Recovery Operator • Operation of equipment in boiler room including boilers, de-aerators, pumps, water softeners, reverse osmosis units, water treatment equipment, chillers, cooling towers, air compressors, LPA blowers, and vacuum pumps • Operation of equipment in solvent recovery including absorbers, condensers, decanters, exhaust analyzers, fans, cooling towers, water and solvent pumps

Required Skills • Must be able to contribute to team efforts • Must be able to complete a variety of duties, on schedule, while maintaining employer’s standards of safety and cleanliness • Must demonstrate good oral, written, reading, and computer skills for effective communication and record keeping • Must have basic welding, soldering and fabrication skills

Preferred Skills • Should have the ability to effectively trouble shoot and problem solve